Member Testimonials

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"Collective gives me quick access to experienced Tax Advisors, guidance to optimize my taxes and keeps me updated with state fees. They make it super easy to get started as a freelancer and remedies the headache involved with running an actual business."

Doug Binder - Hyke review

Doug Binder

Founder at WindSprint


"I would not have gotten my company off and running so fast if it weren't for Collective, and I mean that. Now I can jump in and do what I do, without worrying. I am at a higher level thanks to Collective. It's great to feel and be so legit, and my clients see this too."

Maggie O'Brien - Hyke review

Maggie O'Brien

Founder and CEO, Vibe Digital Marketing


"Collective helped me setup my business, gives me professional support and answers my questions about taxes. Tasks that I'd consider annoying to do myself are now automated and easy."

Jenna Van Hout - Hyke review

Jenna Van Hout

Freelance Visual Designer

"Collective gives me peace of mind. I love having experts available to me when I have questions. I feel more confident that I'm doing things right, thanks to Collective."

Chris Selmer - Hyke review

Chris Selmer

Freelance Ruby on Rails Developer

Get Personalized tax advice and peace of mind

"Collective team gives me step-by-step instructions of what to do and they file my paperwork for me. In the past I'd have to research, take my best guess, and randomly try out things."

David Gamache - Hyke review

David Gamache

Freelance Designer


"Collective helped me setup my business, bookkeeping, and payroll. They walked me through the process of setting up an LLC and took care of everything!"

Camille Tintle - Hyke review

Camille Tintle

Founder at Tintle Digital Marketing


"Collective is an affordable service that guides you through the formation of a single-member LLC. And they offer ongoing coaching and practical assistance with taxes, bookkeeping, and payroll for a low monthly fee."

Jason Loftis - Hyke review

Jason Loftis

Digital Brand Consultant


"Collective saves me time, helps me stay more organized, and gives me financial guidance on how to save on my taxes. Collective is your full time bookkeeper and CPA at < 1% of the cost you would normally pay to hire someone in house."

Michael DePetrillo - Hyke review

Michael DePetrillo

Freelance Software Engineer


Master your finances and optimize your taxes with Collective

"If you value your time and want to feel in control of your freelance business, you should use Collective. Collective helped me with my taxes, AND bookkeeping, AND my S Corp, all online. I now have my own team of experts answering my questions and guiding me for success. It has been great, I wish I had done it sooner!"

Lilli Keinanen - Hyke review

Lilli Keinaenen

Founder, Changemaker Creative


"Thanks to the great people and technology behind Collective, I don't have to worry about bookkeeping, taxes and other government related tasks and can focus a 100% on my work. If you're a freelancer and need help with legal, tax, bookkeeping and ongoing support, all-in-one place, you'd love Collective!"

Arjun Arora- Hyke review

Arjun Dev Arora

Strategy, Venture, Technology


"Collective guided me to setup my company, taught me how to manage it, and reminds me of important deadlines. Collective is the best service to assist you to setup an S Corp for your business."

Antonio Sala - Hyke review

Antonio Sala

Freelance Software Engineer


"I'm using Collective to start and manage my LLC as an S Corp (with a significant tax benefit).  It keeps things straightforward and provides me with the legal and tax guidance I need to succeed."

Nicolas Russo-Larsson - Hyke review

Nicolas Russo-Larsson

Product Consultant


Did you know freelancers can deduct their cell phone bill from their taxes? 

"Collective helped me easily setup my LLC.  They made the process painless so I could save money on my taxes and have a more professional setup."

William Leiter - Hyke review

William Leiter

Freelance Growth Advisor


"Collective brings me peace of mind. They setup my company, made the whole process easy and as a bonus they're saving me a bunch of money!"

Josh Gachnang - Hyke review

Josh Gachnang

Freelance Developer


"If you're contracting or starting a business, you should check out Collective. They guide you through legal and tax decisions and help you save $10k+ on your taxes."

Ben Williams - Hyke review

Ben Williams

Product and Software Engineer


"Thanks to Collective, I have one less thing to worry about.  Collective makes it easy and painless for me to manage my taxes and corp structure."

Mike Wienick - Hyke review

Mike Wienick

Founder, Jump Satori


Get your business finances under control

"Collective provides a centralized place to form my business, provides me with information to succeed and explains how all of the pieces blend together."

Michael Fischer - Hyke review

Michael Fischer

Freelance Developer and Marketer


"Collective simplified the complexities of setting up and managing my new business. It makes the process super simple and saves me a lot of money on taxes."

David Steuer - Hyke review

David Steuer

Working on next-gen digital health


"Collective provided guidance to setup my S Corp.  They give me an economical way to setup my business and save on taxes."

Benjamin Dell - Hyke review

Benjamin Dell

Freelance Cinematographer


"If you want to run your own consultancy like I am, let Collective do all the legal stuff for you. From taxes to payroll, they make it all easy so you stay compliant."

Dawson Botsford - Hyke review

Dawson Botsford

Freelance Software Engineer


"Hyke handles it all for me.  It's 100% worth it.  With Hyke I have peace of mind, it's convenient, and I save time."

Tony Sheng - Hyke review

Tony Sheng

Cryptocurrency Expert


"Hyke makes it simple and easy to setup your own business."

David Li - Hyke review

David Li

Freelance Software Engineer